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the present-future test

andye53 wrote:

Is $1500 a lot of $$$ for what it is? Maybe. Is it a lot for what I
can do? No, especially for the pros and serious hobbyists.
Remember, prices on things are not always set on what it is, but also
what it does for you. Yeah I mostly only take photos and stills of
my kids. Only way to archive the precious memories. I have no
videos of my family and I when I was little, and not that many
photos. I want to preserve as much as I can at the highest quality I
can afford and willing to pay for.

Whenever I make a purchase, especially on bodies w/c depreciate faster and become obsolete sooner, I always do the present-future questionnaire.

  • What are the feature/performance standards that matter to me most? 60p? 20p? 1080? low light performance?

  • Is the equipment adequate this do the job now? If not, what does it lack? Is that deficiency a deal breaker? Can those be overcome or workarounds be made?

  • Would this equipment be supplanted in a year's time by a better one that would address the deficiencies?

  • If not, what would be the time from or forecast when these feature/performance targets likely be released?

With these guidelines and questions, I have basically stood at the 20d and 400d for my bodies.

I also have the 3-6 month waiting period (for the bugs to come out) before buying a new product or technology. The GH1 is a 1.5 generation camera, not a first. Some of the feature sets have been tested already in the LX3 and other models. However, the technology mix can bring out some problems or issues.

Future expectations and forecast for the GH2 or GH1 replacement?

  • Better venus engine (faster, better decoder algorithms)

  • support for 1080 60p and 30p

  • Better AF

  • More improvements in stills low light performance

  • Hopefully 4-5 fps on stills

  • still 12mp for stills

  • release of fast primes

Would I buy a GH1?

Maybe. I might need a better video camera and would get one if only for the video. It's still heads above the other U$1,400 videocams, and even U$3,500-6,000 videocams. If only for video, barring major bugs, my answer is YES.

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