e30 + 14-35, YES it is better in Low Light!

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e30 + 14-35, YES it is better in Low Light!

Even though it is not fully a week with the e30 14-35 f2 SWD combo.

AND after all the drama (three(3) 14-35 lens) I want to be the first to say I "think" the 14-35mm f2 SWD LOW LIGHT AF issue "might" in fact be resolved, or very close to it.
Seriously. and yes, I have been a whine-er over the past months over this.

and at first I did not think things have changed even with the e30 ... but, I just might be wrong.

1) I went thru a sunset wedding with NO issues , what so-ever (sceptically, claiming it might be due to the FL50 AF asst lamp, and short AF distances of a wedding shoot)

But, I went thru some of my shot data ... and some of the shots at sunset I actually had turned the Flash OFF completly. Which I allways do, to quickly get a sunset with a siluette of the couple. I forgot about that. So, I had a number of shots that I had no AF assist in low light ... and I did not even notice a AF differance. (it did not even come to mind, that I had the AF asst light off)

  • and more importantly ... very importantly, to me ... I was AF-ing on a face. Blonde , so not a "ton" of contrast on the eyebrows either.

(not talking about the siluette shot, I might have just AF on there body, somewhere)

2) I re-did my LOW light test again, today ... this time at 1/8, f2 iso1600 light. And noticed a simple feathering of the shutter (which I normally don't do) helps give a "solid" lock Quickly.
Well, for me I discovered it by tapping the shutter ,

which is my quick solution for the 50mm f2 macro ... when it even "just" thinks about "racking/hunting" , something I automatically do with the 50mm f2 without thinking (and by the way on the e30 it does not do, even less .. lol)

  • Not even a week in on this e30 using the 14-35 f2 SWD as my workhorse lens ... I am satisfied the "issue" is sufficently RESOLVED!

(could it get better, probably ... as did the 50mm f2 ... BUT, it works NOW)
and for wedding shooters , just in time

Of course I am still going to test it against a D700 24-70mm f2.8 ... there still needs to be "that" throw down!

My gut tells me the e30 is better than the e3 in some small way. (with the 14-35)

A week , does not a conclusion make ... but, imho something HAS changed ... for the BETTER! ...

  • I DARE to be Positive about this!

Hope this helps someone ....

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Please feel free to criticize, make suggestions, and edit any of my photos & re-post, to help show me 'the way'. * I am trying to Elevate the Level of my 'Snap Shots'

Love f2 Oly lens wide open ... 14-35mm f2, & a 50mm f2+1.4TC is my fav. combo on two 'IS' oly bodys.

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