ZS3 firmware upgrade problem

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Re: ZS3 firmware upgrade problem

rabelmet wrote:

only if you look at their link, you will understand the issue.


They have two separate paths and download buttons, one for ZS-3 and
the other for TZ7. But, when you download the ZS3 and unzip it, it is
labeled as TZ7. Due to limitations on the European version (TZ7),
owners of US mareted model ZS3 are reluctant to load a wrong upgrade.

If the files are exactly the same, Panasonic should not offer two
separate paths.
Or at least, label the downloaded file so it matches the

Does that help?

Sorry but thats rubbish. You may think that way but im sure you are a minority.

If you have a TZ7 (its written on the camera) you download the TZ7 file. If you have a ZS3 you click on that. Ok, i know you know that.

What does it matter what the file extracts to. I can understand what you are saying but i dont agree its confusing.

Panasonic tell you that the file will be TZ7.bin after extracting. How is that confusing?

If you are going to do something like this you should read the instructions first any way.
And i quote from Panasonic
"The self-extracted file TZ7_ 110.bin will appear.
The file size for TZ7
110.bin should be 10,028,544 Bytes.

If the file size is not the same, please download and double click the file again. The file size can be checked by right-clicking on the file and selecting properties."

Anyone who get as far as extracting the file will be expecting the TZ7.bin file. Why would they panic?

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