Yet ANOTHER 28-135 IS Question

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Re: 28-135 Sample at full zoom


Me, too. I just graduated from a point and shoot Oly C4040 to the world of Digital SLR's and I have a quite a bit of "learning" to do about the whole image taking process (technical and compositional). But I'm in this for fun (it's just something I like to do) and if it looks good to you then that's all that matters. This picture makes me smile when I see it. I've had the same reaction from people at work who see it on my wall (I have one of those post it boards and try to bring in a new picture every day) so something is right with the picture. Personally, I like the lens for what I use it for. I tried some others but ended up selling them to get this one and have been happy with it. Sure there are better ones but it suits me just fine and I think the images are good (no complaints). I have an 80-200 F.28 L lens that covers a lot of the same territory and I plan on doing some very unscientific comparisons, hopefully this weekend. One thing is for sure, this is a very good, light lens for walking around. I do think the images are a bit grey though and will be able to tell more after my "test." Anyway good luck on your lens hunt and I doubt you'll go wrong with either one you choose.


Pendragon wrote:
Um . . . actually, my first reaction is that it kind of makes me
laugh, what a great photo. Thanks for sharing that!

For all that my eye can tell though, it looks fine but I'm by no
means even at an amateur level yet. I'm hoping to bridge the gap
from hobbyist to amateur with the D60.


jim powers wrote:
The link below is a sample image taken with a D60 and 28-135IS at
full zoom. The picture has not been cropped and had minimal
adjustments in photoshop. What do you think?

Pendragon wrote:

I've heard alot of talk going back and forth about this lens for
months on this forum, it's probably one of the most talked about
lenses next to the 50mm debates and the 70-200L conversations -
anyhow, what I'd like to know is:

What don't you like about this lens?

I'm on the fence about wether or not to buy one and at this point
it's very unlikely that I won't however, I'd like to know about
it's popular shortcomings (perceived shortcomings or otherwise).


ps- I don't have my D60 yet but I'm trying to get a jump on things.

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