Sandisk vs PNY SDHC speeds?

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Re: Sandisk vs PNY SDHC speeds?

RJL65 wrote:

I have all three of those models of cards (albeit in the 8GB size).
As tested in my Nikon D90 (in both JPEG and RAW modes in continuous
high-speed shooting mode), the current SanDisk Ultra II 15 MB/s Class
2 card performs at about the same level as the current PNY Optima
Class 4 card ( 10 MB/s), while the SanDisk Extreme III 30 MB/s
Edition is about twice as fast as the other two. In this particular
case, the Extreme III is the best value of the three (based on
regular full retail prices, not discounted Web or sale prices).
However, that card is a little overkill for most current
point-and-shoot compact cameras or older DSLRs because the cameras'
internal card read/write electronics limit their performance.

I also check-tested a standard SanDisk (blue) 8GB Class 2 SDHC card,
and compared it with the other two 8GB SanDisk cards. As expected,
the standard SanDisk is a bit slower than the Ultra II ( 8 MB/s in
the D90), and costs barely less than the Ultra II. Still, for a
year-old point-and-shoot camera which is SDHC-compatible, the
standard SanDisk would have sufficed since spending more money for
faster SanDisk cards would not have yielded results which justify
their proportionately higher prices.

Correcting myself:

I don't have the PNY Optima Pro Class 6 card in any SDHC size. But since nearly all recent SDHC cards are MLC-based, the SDHC sizes of the Optima Pro would not have performed as fast as my 2GB PNY Optima Pro 133x SD card (which is SLC-based).

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