Kodak ESP printers - opinions?

Started May 1, 2009 | Discussions thread
Don Glenn Contributing Member • Posts: 854
Re: Kodak ESP printers - opinions?

I have a easyshare 5300, the predecessor to the ESP-5. It is a good good generic printer that does print good photos. I would put the fading closer to HP's pigment inks. I didn't see any problems. The ink is cheaper, but you will also use black ink on photos, so add that to the basic costs maybe as much as one black cartridge for two color cartridges. I used their 4 star 4x6 paper and ink package deal and I didn't feel ripped off. I don't know if they changed inks or if I have picked up some questionable ink, but until recently, I didn't feel like I needed to profile the printer. Now I think the prints are too magenta. It may be the Walmart ink?

I am not too fond of the drivers, or the Kodak software, but I would recommend that printer line.

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