Any suggestions for a reasonably priced macro lens?

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Re: Vivitar S1 105mm 2.5

well i dont consider it disadventage meaning manual focus since we k-mount users have a wonderful side effect called focus trap that does wonders with lenses like this one.

On the other hand i dont think AF would help much with macro photography as the sensors are too big and easily pick something else than what your intentions are, AF helps if you do general stuff like portrait and things of that nature but you can go by with focus trap in this case as well.

Love the lens, fantastic smooth bokeh and the feel... something special. It weights a ton though lol... the craftmenship is first class. Glad you were able to get a copy. I see you are doing great job with it keep it up.

The camera is for life and for people, the swift and intense moments of life. - Ansel Adams

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