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Re: Kodak ESP Printers - opinions
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I have the 5500 and ESP3 and have been impressed by the print quality. I've had great results with the Kodak 135 value pack, which has much higher quality photo paper than the 180 value pack. Using the 135 paper I get more than 135 prints from 1 set of ink tanks, so that comes out to less than 15 cents a print. The photo quality of the 180 paper is not very good by my standards. I would avoid the 180 value pack.

The Kodak semi gloss 5 star works great, but at higher paper cost, but I don't see a real increase in ink used with this paper. I also use Epson photo paper with great results (both 8.5x11 semi-gloss and 4x6 glossy). I have been very pleased with prints up through 8x10s.

The negative part is that I've had the printhead replaced by Kodak on a prior owned 5300 twice free of charge after about 9 months use on each, so the printhead seems to be the weak link. On a third issue with the printhead, Kodak replaced my 5300 with a 5500 due to the number of issues I've experienced. The customer service experience has been good throughout.

Your mileage may vary on the printhead issues. Some have indicated that the printhead becomes clogged over time using low grade inkjet or copy paper, so I've relegated the 5500 to photos only, and the ESP3 to kids projects to see if this holds true over time..


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