Calling all Nikkor 70-300mm VRII users

Started May 6, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Steven W. Bennett Veteran Member • Posts: 3,684
Calling all Nikkor 70-300mm VRII users

Hi all -

I just received this new lens yesterday. It seems to function well but
I notice a clunk (sometimes several) when half-pressing the focus button
and another clunk on releasing the button. I'm assuming it's the clutch
engaging/releasing the focus mechanism, and if this was my only lens I
would think nothing of it. However, my 18-105 VR is completely silent,
so I want to ask your experience with the 70-300. Do you hear a similar
racket? It's pretty loud and I can actually feel a small "kick" when it

As for sharpness, this may not be the greatest test, but I shot my Sony
1080p LCD screen from across the room and you can see the individual
pixels at 100% crop. I can't even see these with the naked eye when standing

next to it unless I'm wearing reading glasses. Here's the crop (a kiss for you):

I haven't put it through its paces yet, but it seems to focus accurately,
and that's a start. I also notice the VRII makes a huge difference at
the longer focal lengths.

Thanks for any input!


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