FZ28: sensor, lens and EZ zoom

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Re: Compared to wideangle for completeness..

Kurt Horsley wrote:

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I don't have a clue what you're taking about. If the whole area of
the lens were being used at all times, you would have vignetting at
all times. Since you don't, you're obviously not using the outer few
millimeters of the lens at long zoom settings. This should be really
-Kurt Horsley

With the ring, there is loss of light at all times, as clearly shown in these simple tests. Only the amount of "damage" seems to be different at wide compared to full zoom, but there is "damage" in either case.

But since this all started with full zoom, so let's concentrate on that and conclude that there is obvious light loss throughout the frame, including the center, regardless of EZ use or not.

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