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Re: Nikon D5000 my first impressions

I agree the difference between Blu-Ray and regular DVD is stunning and a night and day difference to my eyes at least on a good television, but sorry the LCD difference between these cameras was not. I am not saying there was not any difference, it was just not stunning or a night day thing as I have heard so many times on this forum. You really had to dig for it sorta pixel peep. Also I don't know where these people are coming from who are saying the D90 and D5000 seem about the same size to their eyes, very strange. The sales people and I all agreed the screen on the D5000 was noticably better than the ones on the D40/ D60/D80 even though it has the same resolution. I came home feeling great about my purchase and still feel I made the right choice for my style of shooting. I would like to see a 3' or slightly larger articulating screen on the next generation camera though, would be sweet.

cmvsm wrote:

Moonman52 wrote:

After playing around with the D300/D90/D5000 at the camera shop I
chose the D5000 because it was lighter, fit my hands better and took
nearly identical photos to the other two cameras. I walked into the
store expecting to purchase a D300 but decided it was too big and
heavy for my tastes. I also like to review my photos on the LCD and
neither any of the sales people or myself could see any appreciable
difference in resolution in the three LCD's when zooming in or out of
images taken with either of the cameras. We all expected to see a big
difference but it just wasn't there. After hearing someone here say
there was a night and day difference I thought maybe perhaps we all
were just not looking close enough so I went back to the store to
find this night and day difference but again saw none and asked the
salesman for his honest thoughts and he saw no difference either
other than the D5000 screen being just a tad smaller and having an
articulating one. We must have spent 20 mins just zooming in and out
of images on the screens looking for something significant but they
were all bright, sharp and contrasty with excellent color correction
and noticably better than the LCD on the D40/D60/D80 even though
they all supposedly share the same amount of dots as the new D5000.
Build quality is superb and much better than the Canons I picked up.
The kit lens on the Canons looked and felt cheap. Lastly with the
money I saved I will upgrade to a 16-85 VR lens and have the coolest
looking camera on the planet!

I just looked at the D5000 again tonight at BB. I was mistaken about
the grip and size upon my first go around with the camera. It is
definitely closer to the D40 in size versus the D90. A bit small for
me, but I know that it will be a welcomed size for D40/D60 fans.

I also looked at the LCD's in comparison once again, as there has
been some discussion about the difference on the forum. In this case,
I was correct the first time around. Not sure what you or your
salespeople were seeing, but I saw lots of jaggies on the lower rez
screen. Nothing horrible mind you, but the LCD on the D5000, or any
camera of the same class, is not as sharp and fluid as the D90/D300,
and that stands to reason given the higher rez. You really can see a
difference between the two, and that's why it is only an option on
the mid to higher range cameras, as it is truly an upgrade. Its
similar to comparing regular DVD to Blu-Ray on a big screen. To some,
I guess Blu-Ray is just specs on paper as well, as they will never
see the difference when looking at DVD, but the difference is
stunning when the right source is used. Maybe that was the problem
when you were looking at yours today.

Either way, enjoy your new gear. The D5000 should be well suited for
candid and macro photography with the fancy flip out screen! Speaking
of which, its a very solid implementation of a flip out. Nikon did a
nice job here and made it feel very sturdy in construction.

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