Nikon D5000 my first impressions

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Re: Nikon D5000 my first impressions

After playing around with the D300/D90/D5000 at the camera shop I chose the D5000 because it was lighter, fit my hands better and took nearly identical photos to the other two cameras. I walked into the store expecting to purchase a D300 but decided it was too big and heavy for my tastes. I also like to review my photos on the LCD and neither any of the sales people or myself could see any appreciable difference in resolution in the three LCD's when zooming in or out of images taken with either of the cameras. We all expected to see a big difference but it just wasn't there. After hearing someone here say there was a night and day difference I thought maybe perhaps we all were just not looking close enough so I went back to the store to find this night and day difference but again saw none and asked the salesman for his honest thoughts and he saw no difference either other than the D5000 screen being just a tad smaller and having an articulating one. We must have spent 20 mins just zooming in and out of images on the screens looking for something significant but they were all bright, sharp and contrasty with excellent color correction and noticably better than the LCD on the D40/D60/D80 even though they all supposedly share the same amount of dots as the new D5000. Build quality is superb and much better than the Canons I picked up. The kit lens on the Canons looked and felt cheap. Lastly with the money I saved I will upgrade to a 16-85 VR lens and have the coolest looking camera on the planet!

Todd3608 wrote:
This is why Nikon comes out with different cameras. I tried them
both out in the store for quite a long of time. I chose the
D90 for 3 main reasons. First, the resolution of the D90 screen is
much higher and very noticeable. I like to review my pics in detail
after taking them and the resolution is important. Secondly, I have
big hands and the D90 seemed to be a better fit. Thirdly, the D90 is
compatible with the Nikon battery grip and the D5000 is not.

Good luck with the D5000!

oscarito wrote:

I got my D5000 today from Fnac (known reseller in France, I'm french,
so sorry for bad english!). I also have a D90, wich is now for sale,
so I can compare both cameras. These are really first impressions,
and not scientific test whatsoever.

1- The camera really IS actually much smaller than D90, so don't
trust the specs that shows almost similar dimensions. The overall
feeling is much like a D40 : my last finger is out of camera when I
grab it, which is not the case with D90. It also weights
significantly less.

2- The build quality is the same, BUT some buttons feels cheaper :
for instance they are all hard plastic while "foamy" on D90. The
erase button feels especially cheap.

3- The screen is cleary a step backward from D900, it's much like
D40. It doesn't fit all the place it coulld have, there is room for a
bigger screen. It's contrasty and crisp though.

4- The swivel screen is a real plus, though live view is not faster
than on D90. What you can do though is compose the picture trough
live view, then switch it off to focus and shoot.

5- The image quality is exactly the same. I maybe notice a slight
tendency to underexpose, but that is an impression I got thourgh
first shots, maybe I have to tweek the settings a little more.

6- The cable to pc is sub-mini usb, that surprised me at first. D90
mini usb cable won't fit.

7- The viewfinder is much smaller, but I knew that. I wear glasses
and I think I can see all of the image more easily : I had to "stick"
my eye to viewfinder and take the glasses off with the D90.

Overall, a very nice camera that makes you want take photo with it :
it's my definition of a good camera !

Hope this helps

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