Microsoft's legacy of illegal behavior exposed!

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Re: Microsoft's legacy of illegal behavior exposed!

JRP64 wrote:

I sorry but I dislike with a passion for in my opinion all
it is a place for liberals to spout off about something and this is
they typical stories they digg up (pun intended). They loving
bashing Microsoft, President Bush, and other topics. Instead of
whining about big bad Microsoft the ECIS, should take on some more
important issues of today. If this was digg I would digg down this

You know, I am not much of a digg fan either. There are a lot of items in digg that I do not like (most), but it is a very visible site. I chose to test a new feature of the site called digg bar. If you are not logged in to digg, the link I posted will simply take you directly to the site of the article (which in this case is hosted by But, if you happen to be logged in to digg while clicking on the link, it opens a digg toolbar above the target site which allows you "digg up" or "digg down" the story.

It makes me sad that you have to take a political stance when confronted with Microsoft's behavior. I dislike their unscrupulous, greedy, abusive business behavior for what it is. And, I am not a liberal nor a conservative. I prefer to stay neutral. I have no faith in politicians. I work in IT and that is why I am confronted with the negative repercussions of Microsoft's history. I was expressing a bit of joy for seeing the possibility of a bully being brought to justice. But, I have not much faith of that ever happening either. At least not through human justice.

Any way, at this point, if I could delete this thread I would. May you have peace.

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