D90 - MC-DC2 modification! -> for 2.5mm connectors...instructions...

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Re: thanx ron2000...

Wow, I am a little amazed that this is the only thread on hacking the d90 accessory connector that I could find in the forums.

Has anyone had any more luck sourcing the raw connector?

I've been looking at the ready-to-mount gps options ($100 to over $200) and the adapter cable options (~$60 for serial gps) and thinking that none of these are optimal.

It seems that a better way to go (at least for my immediate goal, which is to use my Garmin 60Cs) would be to grab a couple of xbee wireless modules ($20/ea) and get the appropriate cables for the gps and and camera. Now I can just keep the garmin on my belt or clipped to my bag, and have it wirelessly transmitting serial nmea data to the camera. The xbee is so much smaller than any of the on-camera gps options, and because it doesn't need to see the sky it could be tucked away on the bottom of the camera so it and the cable were much less obtrusive.

Power draw would be about the same as any of the on-camera gps, 50 mA.

My whole plan starts to fall apart when I look at spending another 20 or 30 bucks on cables that I am just going to hack apart, though.

I guess $70 is still pretty good for a solution that gets me away from that annoying wire, not to mention opening the door to adding a lot more advanced features with the introduction of a microcontroller or two, but it would be much cooler if I could just get a sack of the proper right-angle connectors to experiment with.

So, has anyone tracked down a source?

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