The 10 UGLIEST TRUTHS about Oly DSLR ... & its users

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The 10 UGLIEST TRUTHS about Oly DSLR ... & its users

Hello everyone

I am , from time to time , faced with a specific question about my stuff and enjoy the response I get from this forum.

However, it is sometimes amusing and sometimes frustrating to read on and on the same non-sense or bias comments on those forums from People who seem more interested by their equipment than by the images it produces

so for those of you who get my point ( and for the others too-lol) here is my list of the 10 UGLIEST TRUTH about oly forums users ( in no specific order)

• A prime is a modern word for a single focal length. No matter how much you like it, how many pictures of your dog shot with that great xxmm-xxxmm , Your ZOOM can never be a prime.

• There is no such thing as “full frame” . 4/3 is full frame . Same goes for APS-C sensors, 35mm or medium format sensors DSLR’s.

• In 4/3 cameras , the image ratio is (and/or should be) more important than the size of the sensor

• No matter how many times you say it , a 7-14mm or a 35-100 or any big zoom lens is NOT a great fit for your Oly 4xx. It can be used and you can get some good images for it but it is still an akward , less than ideal combination

• 99% of us DO NOT need higher MP , 1/8000 of a second shutter speed or 3,2OO ISO

• in almost all instances a picture hanging on a wall made with an Olympus DLSR cannot be set apart from one made with a Nikon , a Canon, a Pentax (etc,…. )which is good because NOBODY who likes photography really cares about what camera or lens the image was made with.

• Most great portraits do not need shallow DOF and therefore you don’t need to have a wide aperture for your portrait lens.

• 99% of the world’ s best photographs are made between ISO 100 to 800. How much time do YOU spend working on the other 1% ?

• a 1.5 kgs lens ( or more) is not a “great lens for hand-held shoots.

• Quality of the sensor is more important at 200 & 400 ISO than quality of same sensor at 3,200 or more

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