Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Re: Why so less interchange of ideas?

So here I am resurrecting this thread about UniWB in an attempt to get it right. Before I load something into my D300 I want to make sure I understand this correctly. Might turn into a longish post.

First, this thread contains a couple of uniwb downloads for thx D300, which one is the correctine?

2nd, m I correct to believe I need to make a new picture profile for myD300 based on neutral but with everything zero'd with an unaltered curve?

3rd, I upload one of the uniwb files in to my cameraand use this along with my new picture control point, see point 2 above?

4th, using point 3 from hereon in I use this setting but during any shoot must first shoot my whibal card to help later processing

5th, expect the view on camera to have a green colour cast which won't be present when I upload and view in either NX2 or View NX?

6th, correct colours cannow be accurate by using the image of my whibal card across images taken in the same lighting conditions?

7th, does adding sharpening change the result if left on in the camera?

Has anyone got realworld examples of this method in practice?

Thanks in advance

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