Inexpensive Korean 85/1.4 thread - part 3

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Inexpensive Korean 85/1.4 thread - part 3

Please continue...

Also, I'd like to see this question from aroundomaha answered:

"That sounds like a winner and I'd like to add a tube to this lens for closer shooting. Do you use the Nikon PK-12? Would you by chance have any samples using your combo? (it would be very much appreciated).

Thank you for the great tip. "

SpotMeter wrote:

This lens is an ideal candidate for carrying around a slim extension
tube - I used a 13mm with AI tab as it enables my meter to keep
reading (d700) and since it's all manny focus anyway, slipping the
little ring on doesn't cost you any functionality - it is like
switching to macro mode - can't focus to infinity anymore, but
between a few feet and a few inches - it provides a whole new range
of usefulness for this lens (and many others!!)
Composition is job #1!

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