Lens for Dance Recital

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15 ft = 85mm, > 25 ft = 135mm

Rolsen wrote:

The key benefit of a 50/1.2 in your application would IMHO be the very fast AF motor. For depth-of-field reasons you would probably want to use it stopped down a little at f/1.8 - f/2.2, so the extra brightness is not so interesting.

I have no experience with the AF tracking performance of your camera, but I know from a friend´s 400D that that camera model is not particulary fast tracking moving subjects in poor light, no matter which lens you put in front of it, so it may be that you would receive no particular benefit from that lens.

I think the smartest thing to do is to try to get to photograph the dress rehearsal instead of the actual performance. Then you won´t need to worry quite so much about staying "invisible and dead quiet", and you can get much closer to the stage.

If you buy a 50/1.8 you will get a lens that is very sharp in the center (which is where the sensor is on a 1.6x crop camera), is reasonbly bright, focuses well (especially so on an X00-series camera) and is cost effective.

Try to find out how far you will be from the stage. If you can get close, buy a 50/1.8. (ok, buy it no matter what. It is simply the best lens for the dollar.)

If you are going to be more than 15 ft away, rent an 85/1.8. More than 25 ft, rent a 135/2 instead.

Another thing, watch how you frame the shots, so you don´t clip the feet off.


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