70-200 or the 70-300 for the D-700?

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Facts and reality before ego

that's right, IF you are willing to put your ego in the box for a while and use both tools as intended, you would quickly find that shot for shot the 70-300vr is at least 80-90% of what you can expect to get from a 70-200vr. It is NOT going to throw the background out of focus as well, nor is it going to have that "Nth" degree" of contrast the 70-200 f2.8 will have, BUT (and I do mean BUT) if you are post processing properly you are not even likely to notice those differences on a 13x19 print. I've done this and sent the 70-200vr packing. Sure I enjoyed having it, but the weight was not much fun to lug around frankly. I'm not shooting sports nor fast moving objects (keep that in mind). For shear sharpness (my copy anyway) the 70-300vr is just as sharp as the big gun was. Contrast while that Nth degree less was fairly easily made up for in NX2 or Photoshop. I also only shoot in decent light, so that swayed my opinion heavily as well. The 70-300vr in decent light is lightning fast to lock focus so there's just no argument to have there.

There are so many religiously willing to defend the 70-200vr to the bitter end. Sure it's a wonderfully well made lens that will serve a sports shooter better than anything out there, BUT in the end with it's lower weight and superb IQ the 70-300vr is a more practical daily friend to carry around and use. Particularly on a D700 as for me it literally came alive. I was nearly going to give it up when I switched over from a D300 to a D700, only to find it gave new life to a few of my lenses allowing for superb edge sharpness wide open as opposed to requiring a stop down on the D300. Opinions are like noses, every one has one. However for me I found it made NO sense to hang on to a lens that would so rarely get used since it offered no "real world" advantage and did offer some liabilities (weight for one). I'm not even going to attack the 70-200vr for having sacrificed some edge sharpness which my 70-300vr does NOT. OH well....it's your money as they say.

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