Which DSLR was a game changer?

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Please define the pro market.

Rather than try a fruitless exercise in trying to decipher the exact meaning of your statements that the D3 "expanded" the pro market (as though many more pros started using DSLR's only because of the introduction of the D3), and that the DX3 "doubled" the pro market (even more dubious than the previous claim), please explain with authoratative statistics, the numbers to back up your claims, as well as the definition you are using for "the pro market." That would go a long way towards me evaluating the value of your contribution. Maybe there is something to some of your claims, maybe not, but, your post doesn't seem to be a very good start at authenticating your contentions.

By the way, my previous posts here in this thread were almost entirely about my own evaluations of the significance of certain DSLR's to me alone and my own work - not to the rest of the world at large. To make such grandiose claims about the significance of cameras to the whole "pro market" out to be backed up by verifiable facts, not personal feelings.

I am looking forward to your explanations and proofs.


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