Lightroom Sharpness Problem

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Re: Lightroom Sharpness Problem

timo wrote:

So Jeff do you routinely increase the sharpening above default level
(the detail slider is very important - I tend to increase the amount
and the detail while leaving the radius alone) -- and, additionally,
apply sharpening for print in the printing module?

Absolutely...the default settings are very, very vanilla...

Actually, I think there are 5 sharpening sliders, not 4. The proper luminance noise reduction is as important as the correct detail slider settings.

I generally start off by adjusting the radius; lower than 1.0 for landscape images with high frequency and over 1.0 for portrait or low frequency edges..

Then I adjust the amount setting up a lot, often over 50-70 then go down to detail and adjust up for high frequency images and leave it at 25 or take it lower for low frequency images...then I'll adjust luminance noise reduction even if it's a well exposed ISO 100 image, a little noise reduction really helps when you run the detail setting up over 50...

Then I'll add edge mask to confine the sharpening to the edges and tapers off the surfaces...the last step is to re-adjust the amount to make it "look good" at a 1:1 zoom.

Yes, this is a bit of work adjusting all the parameters but I've found that similar subjects will need similar settings so I create resets based on image type and all I need to do is tweak on a per image basis.

So, if you do fine tune images in Develop, you aim for optimal at 1:1 zoom, then the output sharpening is designed to work with those settings to produce optimally sharpened output...
Jeff Schewe

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