Not all A200's are alike!!!

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Not all A200's are alike!!!


A few days ago I started a thread about focusing problems when using my new a200 on my Uzi. I did some comparasons, and I thought my results deserved a fresh thread.

I did borrow my boss's Uzi, today, and he just receivd his new a200 from
B&H, so I got to test it as well. After quite a few test shots using
different combinations of our equipment, it's 100% obvious that my a200
is at fault.

I'm happy with the image quality of my a200 at close distances, but not at farther distances.

Both a200's worked about identical at close distances, but at about
200 feet and above, my a200's image quality went to hell. The odd thing
is, after reviewing the photos, it was obvious that when using my a200,
it caused our uzi's to focus at a closer distance then the target
within the spot metering area. It also mostly seemed to cause

Here are links to a couple test comparisons. Each pic contains an
800x600 crop of the original SHQ images. The top portion is from my
a200, and the bottom portion is my boss's a200 (using my uzi).

Pic #1 is from about 150 to 200 feet away.

Pic #2 is from about 1000+ feet away. It's a bit hazy and heat
ripples are present, but the difference in focus and contrast are

These samples are typical of the results from ALL of my test shots.

I'm going to contact B&H and see about a replacement a200

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