Nikons 80-400 VR Lens ~ What's your views.

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My view on the 80-400 with pictures (caution, large files)

The autofocus is not very fast and in poor light and with low contrast subjects, it may hunt a bit but if one uses the focus limit switch, the autofocus is fast enough for even BIF at quite short a distance (at least with a D300). Give it good light and contrasted subjects and AF is fast. Operator hability and technique is more a problem than the lens.

As for its sharpness at 400mm, I am very satisfied but I still need to master the beast even after having shot about 7000 pictures with the 80-400mm.

Here are a few examples to show off this small wonder :

And this last one shot at about 600 feet. I had to use manual focus and Liveview with 5x magnification to get exact focus as I could not clearly see if the focus was on the branch or on the blue heron. Not sharp at 400mm? Well... Do I have to say this one was shot with a tripod

For the price, range covered, sharpness, it is hard to beat.

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