Best Nikon SLR for "Out of camera" results?

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Re: Maybe...but

No, it is only as complex as someone wants it to be. The joy and the sorrow of a modern DSLR is that it is only as complex as the shooter wants it to be. It can be as simple as a P&S or as complex as a D200 or D300 etc. Either way he gets fast focusing and no shutter lag. a win win in my book.

IMO the only advantage of a P&S is size and that is not always a big difference.


RomanJohnston wrote:
That dosnt remove the need to learn and embrase the process of the
more complex camera then.


Padraig wrote:

Maybe he wants a DSLR because he does not want the slow focusing,
shutter lag and poor high ISO performance that comes with a P&S.
Frankly even if I just used program mode, jpeg and no PP I would
still get better shots from my D200 then from a P&S! I would also
not miss shots due to slow focusing and shutter lag.

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