Lightroom Resampling Algorithms

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Re: Lightroom Resampling and aliasing artifacts

tom60634 wrote:

Martin Evening in his Lightroom 2 book states that " a single
'Lanczos kernel' is used in both Lightroom and Camera Raw".

That was for Lightroom 2.0. As Eric indicated, both Lightroom 2.2+ and Camera Raw 5.2+ are no longer using any Lanczos kernels and are instead using hybrid BiCubic resampling...

To be accurate, Lanczos has a sharpening component built in which can indeed cause artifacts...which can then cause additional problems with additional rounds of sharpening such as output sharpening. I seriously don't like using any sharpening component with upsampling as it limits the type and amount of sharpening you can do after upsample. Sharpening as part of the down-sample is fine since by definition that is a single purpose use file not an archival use-neutral file.

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