What is CHDK?

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Re: What is CHDK?

'I'm not sure what CHDK stands for, but some have speculated "Canon Hacking Development Kit". Whatever it stands for, it's firmware which can be loaded into compatible Canon Powershot cameras and which adds a large number of new features. Just a few of these features include (from the CHDK Wiki)....'


One of the most useful features for compact digital users is the addition of RAW file shooting capability for cameras that do not come with this feature from the factory. Another useful feature is enabling optical zooming during video recording. Factory firmware only allows digital zooming once video recording starts. One of the worst features is that the CHDK "firmware" would not load automatically when using SDHC cards (those larger than 2GB and formatted with fat 32). That forces you to either use a 2GB card and limit the amount of recording time or go through the trouble of manually loading the firmware when using larger capacity cards.

Lionel Johnson wrote:

In two recent threads in this forum I have seen mention of CHDK.
What is it?
Do I need it?
Where do I get it?

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