X70: Close, but no cigar.

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jeffster_ca Contributing Member • Posts: 636
Re: X70: Close, but no cigar.

AlexM555 wrote:

I wouldn't be that quick to poo-poo the X70 if you haven't used it.

Alex, thanks for posting the link. It always amazes me when I see the trolls come out of the woodwork and not defend their own mediocre points with no facts. So far a N*kon and F*ji blinders on people are the first to complain and never to have held the camera. (I did last night and not bad!)

From what I see from your examples the .jpg output is fine and in fact does not show the softness of many other small sensor cameras (Like F*ji) examples found by owners examples on this site. I am using C*non for my small cameras right now but would look at the X70 if one of them dies.

Thanks for the test shots.

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