SX1 IS Review

Started Mar 27, 2009 | Discussions thread
Micloi Regular Member • Posts: 419

I got the SX1 a week ago. Moved on from a Sony DSC-H3 which I happily used for a bit more than 1 year.

I find the image quality of the SX1 to be more than adequate at lower ISO's and I am extremely happy with the video quality when I manage to refrain from panning too quickly.

The quality at maximum zoom is good enough for me, especially when using a tripod.

What I do not find good enough at the moment (even though I am sure I can improve when I gain some experience on using the camera) is shooting fast moving targets (i.e. my puppy!) in less than perfect light as the camera automatically switches to ISO 400 or (even worse) ISO 600 and thus I either get very dark images or blurry ones.

Any tips on what settings I should use in manual mode for best results?

Also, one more thing. The SX1 was the perfect camera for the price I paid. I got a 5 month used one here in the UK (which had an extended warranty so I have 17 months left) for the equivalent of $320, which with the current exchange rate is rather darn good!.

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