Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

Started Apr 21, 2009 | Discussions thread
Rob Trueman Regular Member • Posts: 103
Re: Aperture: Large Library Management - please help!

Do you notice any difference between referenced images stored on the
Drobo and those stored locally? (I know you all on the Drobo, but it
would be easy enough to move some to the internal drive for a

Funny enough, when I originally set up my Aperture library, I added all my files by drag and drop never thinking if that was referenced or in-library. All my newly shot files were referenced. Unknown to me, I was doing a lot of processing on older files that were internal to the Aperture lib (local disk, local Aperture lib). I didn't notice a difference although common sense says there probably was. Internal is a 7200 RPM SATA compared to a Firewire 800 External. I'll probably do further testing, mostly to judge the performance difference between my MBP and iMac. I may test this as well.

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