Wacom Intuos4: First Impressions

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Re: Everything said before is true and then some

William Faulkner wrote:

Just got the big sucker today and it's head and shoulders above my
old Intuos2. That's to be expected of course with the pen and tablet
side of things. Much better control over everything you touch. If
anyone out there uses the "Transform" functions in PhotoShop you'll
be amazed at how much more control you have.

Note-There might be a difference in the operation between the two
simply because the Intuos4 is a 8X12 and my Intuos2 is a 6X8.
Perhaps the larger size affords finer resolution for the operation of
the pen?

The biggest difference however, IMHO, is the asset to your workflow.
I haven't programed all the keys yet but the little I have done has
uncovered the tip of the huge potential that lies with those keys and

The Large (8X12) is well, Large. That is easily 1.5X the size of the
Intuos2 6X8, maybe 2X. Monitor got pushed back and the desk got
cleaned off. OK, left hand pile was relocated to open up some real
estate on the desktop. It was worth it.

Two thumbs up and 5 stars. This one's a keeper.

Bill F


it should be twice as big/much as an a4 is exactly twice as large as an a5!

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