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Re: Another non-Professional Review of SX200 vs ZS3

I am a Canon shooter (5D II, 5D's, 1D II ...). I also had (past tense) Canon P&S s50, G6, SD950. After hand comparing the SX200 vs ZS3, I decided on the ZS3, basing mainly on SX200's exotic pop-up flash and no zoom during video shooting.

The ZS3 also has a few user-un-friendly features that I have to adopt to, namely: poor battery power, VERY loose mode dial and the (I hate this!) need to use a switch for playback (to see the histogram) and switch back to shoot.

Here is my 2-hour quick snap shooting at Central Park last Saturday. Just a user's opinion, using ZS3 for only two hours. Your mileage might differ; so do otehrs.

(Oh, the indoor artificial light AWB is bad. But the CWB is quite decent, as do my 5D II!)


Joe Krol wrote:

http://www.cameralabs . com/reviews/Canon_PowerShot_SX200_IS/
Remove space before "com"

I have been using Canon cameras since the 1980's. I'm shooting now
with a 40D but I wanted a travel cam with a decent zoom. I wanted to
buy the SX200 so bad but it seems every review I read seems to favor
the Panasonic ZS3. Has anybody else "jumped ship" and really liked
the Panasonic model?

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