Lightroom LR2 file management frustration

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Re: Lightroom LR2 file management frustration

IMO, the same things that are frustrating you about LR are indications of its amazing strengths. Go to Luminous Landscape and spend the money on their LR2 tutorial videos. Worth every cent.

I'm in no way connected to LL web. Just user of some of their stuff.

As a for instance, LR can be set to detect your camera, card reader etc. so that when connected to your computer it goes automatically into import mode. AND, you can pre set LR to both import into folders by date, prompt for name, AND at the same time as it is importing it can be creating a set of back up files on another drive or location. All my image files get backed up on to a separate large HDD at import.

From any library folder in LR you can "right click" and ask it to show you the file location in Explorer (or Mac equivalent) - so no worries about "where it is on the drive." And that red ? you see? That's LR telling you that the source files are not where they were, which mean you moved them. You can ask it to find them again, or you can browse to re associate them. Also, as you become prolific and have tons and tons of files, LR's library can still show you an image of the file in Library, but have a storage scheme on multiple external hard drives. The red ? tells you that that "source drive" is not connected. And if you name your library folders to include "source drive info" for your source drives, you can have literally zillons of images in LR library, w/ easy coding to which "source" the original file is located on. Not a weakness, a huge strength.

VERY powerful but you have to learn how to use it. The LL tutorials are a great way to learn the program and also learn about good work flow in LR2xxx

The LR user interface is so simple that most people have no idea how powerful it is for both image management, and file processing.

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