Priorities for you as a first time buyer vs you today

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Priorities for you as a first time buyer vs you today

So Engadget has this long comparison of features between the D5000 and the Canon T1i

Similar thread looking at them here s the 620. Also threads about the E30 sensor on DxO mark, video for future Oly SLRs, noise comparisons for the 620 and 510 and AF comparisons for the 620 and E30.

Spec sheets. That is the common factor. Cameras can be compared on some set of metrics. Megapixels, DR, image stabilization, high ISO noise, AF performance...

My 510 is almost 2 years old and I distinctly remember lapping up threads like these two years ago, comparing it to the Sony A100, K10D, D80 and whatever else was out there at the time.

I usually ignore these threads now. My priorities are very different. I do not care about video in DSLRs. I do not care if it has 11 vs 7 vs 51 AF points. I don't care if it is noisier than whatever at ISO 800 and above. I don't care about the DR because I've been using what most regard as a DR challenged camera and have rarely had a problem.

I'm sure all the technology helps - I'm happy to use IS. If it AF's faster well that is just dandy. Live View - nifty. Can it do high ISO? That is nice. I do not think these make a difference to me. Sure it has an effect on the "IQ" but what it does not do is make a picture more interesting. If I had a D3x say, I'd have every nifty feature possible right at my fingertips but I'd almost assuredly take the same kind of pictures, and more to the point I'd not be enjoying myself any more than with a "lesser" camera.

What I do care about in a camera is very different these days. Does it have a good, big VF? Is it small? Is it quiet? Does it have direct controls for the aperture and shutter speed? Does it just get the heck out of the way? That last one isn't even an objective criterion. However, it is precisely why sticking a modern DSLR in M mode with manual focus and saying you have direct control does not work for me.

Essentially, I'm picking from a different set of criterion than I did when I first bought a digital SLR. So different that for the most part I've ended up shooting 35mm film (nuts I know)! The few digital cameras that do look like what I want are just out of budget unfortunately. Now I quite like using my 510. I just really enjoy using my OM2n more because it meets what I want more.

This is not intended to be a digital vs film thread - rather a thread on the value of bells and whistles to you now vs you as a first time buyer of a digital camera.

Have your priorities changed since you first bought a digital camera? If yes, what is it you look for in your cameras these days? How has your photography changed in the interim?


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