What should the expected time frame to get photos from a wedding...

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Re: What should the expected time frame to get photos from a wedding...

almari wrote:

JayMurph wrote:

I don't want to make any assumptions so if I may ask, is it that you
only present 25 - 35% of the best photos and delete the others?

Or you only process 25 - 35% for them to choose from? And then delete?

First of all - with the formal group shots - we always will take 4 or
5 images because someone always blinks or is looking away. It takes
around 5 captures to make sure that you get one good one. We only
present one good image of each posed group shot.

Yes, I understand I have picture with eyes closed, someone looking somewhere else...

Secondly - with the dark conditions in many churches - sometimes the
resulting slow shutter speeds have motion blur in them. (We never use
a flash during the ceremony.)

I have been to a wedding where the photographer placed strobes w/pocket wizards around the 4 corners of the church it was also announced that during the ceremony no one was to take any pictures except the guy being paid.

Interestingly though the flashes where not distracting (at least not to me) you had to look directly at them. He did the same set-up at the reception but the flash was a lot more noticeable, but he didn't used them for every shot (at least I don't think he did).

And finally - some images just don't turn out. Missed focus point -
The guest at the reception had her eyes closed - etc. The Groom
covers the Brides hand during the ring exchange so one photographer's
shots are not usuable. You get the idea.

Weddings are fast paced events that move through different lighting
conditions throughout the day. Indoor small room - bride getting
ready. Big dark church prior to ceremony with flashes. Ceremony
starts - no flashes until bride and groom come down the aisle after
the ceremony. Outside the church - using flashes for fill light on
the faces. Reception hall - some with good lighting - some with
terrible lighting. You start to get the picture (pardon the pun!)
about how things change rapidly during a wedding.

We usually will keep all the RAW files for at least 6 months. After
that we only keep the final JPEG images that were delivered to the

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I would to say thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, your photos are wonderful as I stated in an earlier post, I hope to be half as good as photogs like yourself...


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