Macro Capability Limitation for G1?

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Rupert Brun New Member • Posts: 15
Macro Capability Limitation for G1?

I posted this in the G1 "Lifestyle" forum, but I know not everyone has access to that so I hope no-one minds me posting it here too...

It's just occured to me why there are no macro capabilities such as extension tubes or bellows on the road map for the G1.

We know that in order to keep the size down, much of the lens correction (distortion, chromatic abberation etc) is achieved in software.

If you were to put such a lens on to an extension tube, the correction required would be different.

So the extension tube would either need to have a sufficiently powerful processor in it to take the data from the lens and recalculate it to allow for the extra lens to sensor distance and pass the new data to the camera, or it would need to contain appropriately modified data sets for every lens with which it might be used.

For bellows the problems is even worse due to the variable distance between lens and sensor.

It's unlikely that Panasonic are going to produce extension tubes or bellows with this level of complexity and even if they did, it would probably cost more than a 4/3 camera, lens and extension tube.

Your views?
Rupert Brun

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