Too many megapixels? Six is enough for an 8x10.

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Re: they go hand in hand!

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Overall it's rather well put for the average camera user and buyer.
They pack more and more pixels into P&S cameras for users that either
never print and upload 800x600 photos for photo sharing or print 4x6
that only need 2MP. True that cropping is needed sometimes so they
should make them 6 to 8MP and leave it there. Oh and put the image
sensor sizes back to 1/1.8" as a standard maybe even an occassinal

Except that the new high MP cameras seem to outperform, in general,
the old lower MP cameras. Annoying when the truth gets in the way of
a good myth, isn't it

Unfortunately you're comparing current with the old. Unfortunately
there isn't a 2/3" current sensor lower MP count camera to compare
against higher MP smaller sensors. We just don't know how well a 5MP
2/3" sensor would do with current design, fabrication, and firmware.

It's very clear that as pixels get smaller, noise increases. We've
seen this in aps-c and FF sensors already along with the very small
P&S sensors going from just 7MP 1/1.8" sensors to 12MP 1/2.5" sensors.

Why does the 50D have more noise than the 30D? The sensor size didn't
change but the pixels got a lot smaller. Even compare the d3 vs. the
d3x. d3 is cleaner and the sensor size didn't change, but obviously
the pixels had to get smaller to fix twice as many in!

The 50D doesn't have more noise than the 30D.

I stated before that there are many design factors that change along with the number of pixels so these comparisons fall apart. The D3 and D3x are optimized for different purposes but the noise levels aren't all that different.

And you can't go from a 10MP 1/1.8" sensor to a 10MP 1/2.5" sensor
without also making the pixels smaller!

Can't argue with that. But what exactly does it prove?

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