Too many megapixels? Six is enough for an 8x10.

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Re: All true essentially

bobn2 wrote:

Except that the new high MP cameras seem to outperform, in general,
the old lower MP cameras. Annoying when the truth gets in the way of
a good myth, isn't it

The latest Canon G10 is fine at its base ISO, but above 400, yuck.

True of all digicams, due to a small sensor, not small pixels. most
tellingly, the G10 outperforms the previos model at higher iSO's.

The smaller the diode, the higher the amplification.

Complete nonsense. Learn some microelectronics, then look at how the
things actually work. Then you'll know that is rubbish.

DPReview lists pixel density in their database; it is significant.

It's significant in that it illustrates DPR's agenda on this, which
is mainly to never, ever admit that Phil Askey has ever made a
mistake. He has made a big one here because he simply didn't
understand the technology well enough, and now DPR continues to
propagate this myth to defend that position.

Look, I don't want a forum argument. I did some google searching, and found this:

"The issue arises because, in general, smaller pixels are noisier...If one compares two cameras having the same sensor size and technologies but different resolutions (pixel densities), the one with the lower resolution (lower pixel density) will have less noise at the pixel level...The bigger pixels of the 1D3 collect more photons than the 40D, and this is reflected in the S/N ratio plots above..."

If this is wrong, provide the link so I can learn. Just don't tell me off - I want to learn. Don't be petulant.

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