Too many megapixels? Six is enough for an 8x10.

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Re: hardly an authoritative source.

PeaceFrog wrote:

So far all I have seen from you are confidently made statements,
plenty of boasting about your genius and experience with zero to back
it up.

Then you are blind. Did you even look at the posts you were referred to? Obviously not, because you would have seen the backing for the statements and if you could have found fault with them you would have done so, and explained to me why I am wrong. Instead you prefer to trade insults. I have not boasted about my genius, because I am not a genius. I do however have considerable knowledge and experience in the area, and put it forward when accused of not knowing what I was talking about. As I said in another post, though, there are people posting on these forums who know considerably more about image sensor design then me, or even you, and they back up what I say too. I posted some of the links above, in case you want to accuse me of not backing up what I say.

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