Too many megapixels? Six is enough for an 8x10.

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berleconi wrote:

1: If there is some space needed per pixel CMOS for something
is there a larger proportion space eaten per pixel for small pixels
can this completely compensated for by micro lenses

That's an open question. Arguments about the effects of pixel size really have to start from the point of view of a straightforward scale of a given pixel design, in which case the proportion of everything remains the same. Generally this is possible, because pixels are far away from the scale limits of VLSI technology. In the real world, it is more likely that each different size pixel is a clean sheet design, and the designers will optimise for one property or another, so in reality it is hard to draw conclusions from individual comparisons.

The evidence would tend to suggest that microlenses are a bit more effective the smaller the pixel, I suspect this is due to the difficulties making the very low f-number lenses required to give good coverage of a big pixel.

2:i near clipping point do smaller pixel more often go to clipping do
to noise
as larger pixels (dynamic range)?


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