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Re: All true essentially

R Butler wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

R Butler wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Which begs the question: 'Who is it with the agenda?'

DPR, it is quite clear. Why has Phil never responded to the criticism
of his ludicrous 'downscaling doesn't reduce noise' blog? Why is it
still there, even though it's been completely discredited?

Given that I've not seen it be 'completely discredited,' there's a
chance he hasn't, either.

Clearly neither of you went through the threads discussing it,
immediately afterwards, then.

Are you seriously suggesting that every member of the staff has to
read every comment made on every forum about every blog post? I
haven't even had time to write a blog post this side of Christmas.
Richard -

I'm seriously suggesting that if the editor of DPR produces an obviously premeditated intervention into a long running debate on the DPR forums, it would be sound practice to participate in the following discussion. Reputable editors of serious publications do this. If you're going to take advantage of your position to wade into one side of a debate and exercise your disproportionate influence, then if behoves you to respond to the subsequent discussion. Phil did actually participate in one of the threads in a derisory way, then ignored it as soon as it became clear he was losing the argument. That is no way for an editor to behave.

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