Too many megapixels? Six is enough for an 8x10.

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Re: hardly an authoritative source.

fldspringer wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

When will people stop peddling this big lie?

I like examples. They are tough to come by on an apple to apple
comparison. I'll do the best I can.

I'll start with the Canon 1DIII (1.3 crop and an older sensor) to the
latest 1DsIII full frame. Check out the "dynamic range" button. (appareil1) 289%7C0 (appareil2) 291%7C0 (onglet) 0 (brand) Canon (brand2) Canon

Press the 'print' tab so you're not doing a pixel by pixel comparison, and see what result you get.

Second choice is the Nikon D3 (older sensor) to the latest and
greatest and much more expensive D3x. Once again, click the "Dynamic
Range" button. (appareil1) 297%7C0 (appareil2) 287%7C0 (onglet) 0 (brand) Nikon (brand2) Nikon

Press the 'print' tab so you're not doing a pixel by pixel comparison, and see what result you get. This was a very bad example for you to choose, the D3x is the highest DR 35mm camera (Fuji hack aside) there is.

It is clear the curves of the lower pixel count cameras are clearly
above the newer high density sister camera.

It's clear that you don't know how to read DxO tests.

In the case of the
Canon, its a smaller sensor to boot. In both cases there were
additional optional ISO choices available for the lower pixel cameras.

Why would they do that???

The excellent high ISO performance of the 5DII (far above the Mk 1) gives the lie to your argument.

Maybe, just maybe there is more truth in the lie than your willing to

There's probably 100 or even 1000000 times the truth, because anything times zero is still zero. Repectully, I'd wonder why you fell the nee to hang on to the lie, even though there is no supporting evidence or theory.

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