F100fd Gone ...Now what ?

Started Apr 26, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: F100fd Gone ...Now what ?

I think that while Fuji has been busy perfecting its sensors, the other camera manufacturers have been perfecting their bodies and menus.

I was impressed recently with the body of the Canon G10, it felt like it was built to last and reminded me of past 35mm cameras like my Contax T2. It has that quality feel about it.

Likewise the Ricoh cameras, I still have my Ricoh GR1 in a drawer between my Contax T2 and my Minox 35S and I understand the joys of using a jewel like camera. What also set these Cameras apart was their stunning IQ.

However when to comes to sensors, the Ricoh does not stack up, Its a 9mp sensor on a 1/2.3" sensor whereas the Fuji has a 12mp 1/1.6" sensor that can use its pixels in a whole new way that gives the camera unprecedented low light and high DR capability.

The bottom line is do you want a superior tactile experience when using your camera or do you want outstanding results. My money will be going on the F200, even with the inferior body.

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