Too many megapixels? Six is enough for an 8x10.

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Oly Canikon
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Re: Too many megapixels? Six is enough for an 8x10.

Lobalobo wrote:

Anastigmat wrote:

The D40 has a 6mp CCD
sensor with low noise at high ISO settings, but it lacks many of the
niceties of a Nikon D90. So which camera should you choose? The D40
for better image quality or the D90 for better AF and better

It would be nice if we can buy cameras the way we buy bicycles. Then
we can custom built our cameras with the exact sensor, AF,
viewfinder, and shutter units that we want instead of taking bundled
deals that may not be ideal for our individual needs.

Well put. It is truly a shame that whenever a manufacturer attempts
to give the consumer a choice, competition pushes the wrong way.

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His example would be more convincing if it were true. This example proves the opposite of what he says.The D90 is better than the D40 in every way.

If reducing pixels would give an immediate improvement in noise and DR one of the manufacturers would do it right now. They would have a good market among low light shooters.

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