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Re: How do you know there is no improvement over K20?

trescue wrote:

The weight factor for both camera and lenses is something the ardent
FF wishers don't seem to fully consider.

For what? Magazines can currently run my images on a two page spread
when that's needed, with light cropping. FF might make more cropping
available, but ithat should be part of my technique, do the cropping
while I'm composing the shot.

FF looks at higher cost and higher weight for no benefit whatsoever
for me.

I agree. Magazine work is the most demanding work I do, and APS-C is
fine for a double pager. I take great pains to compose the shot
properly so I don't have to crop very often.

When working I always have 2 cameras, 3 lenses and a flash, adding
lenses etc. as needed. Don't need to add weight just for more limited
DOF (which is not what I need anyway).

Full-frame is almost to APS-C as medium format was to 35mm. It's
almost another format completely--you really need bigger, more
expensive lenses to make the most of it. You need more memory cards,
and more computer capability.

If someone wants full-frame, go to Cansonikon, and let Pentax make
some great APS-C lenses, which is where the bulk of the SLR market is

Full-frame has its place to be sure, but I don't need it myself.

Full frame is great for natural light photography as the noise levels are extremely low even at high ISOs. Resolution isn't the issue...

FF lenses are often cheaper than crop factor lenses at the moment as they have been around for years so don't have the high development costs that APS-C lenses do.

Yes, you pay a penalty in weight, but if you need the performance its worth it.

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