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Re: Consumerish Primes

VRII wrote:

Like I stated in another thread the Sigma 50mm F/1.4 is several
notches above the Nikkor

I'll have more to say on this in a day or two (hint, hint). But...

  1. 1- Pro quality build

Yes, it might be a bit better build, but I don't think it makes any difference on these lenses.

  1. 2- Better Bokeh

I'll have more to say on that soon.

  1. 3- Pro Grade AF-S Motor ( the nikon's af-s motor is the cheapy version)

It's not the grade of the motor, it's the way the focus elements are designed in the two lenses. The Nikon sacrifices fast AF performance for a very long focus throw (which also shows up as an ability to manually focus it more precisely). The Sigma has a very short throw--it's obviously not moving the focusing element(s) much.

  1. 4- ASPH Lens Element

I see nothing in my tests that indicates that this provides anything visible.

  1. 5- 77mm Filter head

To some, a drawback. Big, expensive filters compared to 58mm.

  1. 6- Distance Scale

They both have distance scales and incorrect DOF markings.

IQ Wise I think the SIgma is superior, but that is a matter of taste.

More to say on that coming, too.

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