Choosing aspect ratio (e.g with TZ7)

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Re: Choosing aspect ratio (e.g with TZ7)

Nicaphoto wrote:

How do I choose the best aspect ratio in a camera like the TZ7/ZS3
that has 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9?

As far as I know, film cameras were all 3:2 and DSLRs mostly use
that, too. In contrast, most compact digital cameras use 4:3. What
are the advantages and disadvantages? I understand that 16:9 is good
for wide landscapes and also for some tall buildings because it
offers some more wide angle on the TZ7 sensor. One advantage of 3:2
is that the prints are cheaper because it's the most common print
size, and there are more slip-in photo albums available. But I've not
had any trouble getting 4:3 prints with my previous camera, and I
don't often order prints anyway, so that's not a major thing for me.

So what I'm really trying to find out is, what is the best,
aesthetically? Which one looks best to the eye for different types of
photos? For most landscapes, I guess 4:3 is worst because I won't
want too much sky (unless I'm mostly interested in an unusual-looking
sky). But for portraits? Cities? Macros? Should I switch the aspect
ratio for each image or is one of them the best for most situations -
that would be great, I could set it to that one and only change it
for specific situations...

How have owners of TZ5s (or other cameras with that feature) handled
this? I'd be grateful to get some advice!

Why not try the multi-aspect ratio scene mode to get all in one shot, then choose the best.

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