F100fd Gone ...Now what ?

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F100fd Gone ...Now what ?

Some of you may know that I took a leaf out of Danny's book, and gave my F100fd to my youngest daughter !

She's really enjoying it, having persevered with my old Canon A80 for the last couple of years, and I know she now has a camera that will achieve great results under most circumstances.

So, I have an LX3 - superb camera, and just amazing for what it is - why would I need another compact ?

Fact is, there are many shots that I like to take at longer focal lengths as well, especially when travelling (that's most days!), and the LX3 does only go to 60mm ...which I of course considered when I bought it. The reality is that the F100fd did still get used for its longer range, and I've now replaced it - BUT not with a Fuji !

I looked long and hard at what's out there, felt like a change, and still needed something pocketable, with a wide-angle/decent zoom lens, great image quality (including superb colour rendition, as you find on most Fujis), effective image stabilisation for the long end especially ...and I've gone for the Ricoh CX1 !

Having attended an imaging exhibition a few years ago, and listening to a talk by celebrated celebrity/rock star photographer Andy Earl - who was extolling the virtues of the then new Ricoh GRD, I have from that point been interested in the brand, although it seems to get little coverage generally - certainly unlike Nikon, Canon, Fuji and Sony.

So far, I'm already really enjoying the Ricoh for its great Sony-manufactured (9.29MP) sensor quality, 28-200mm range, precision engineering (they could teach a few manufacturers how to 'build to last'), and superb image quality ... including low-light shots. There are a few other unique and interesting CX1 features that I'm also finding useful.

Posting here, for those that are maybe unsure of what to buy, I'm really pleased with the Ricoh so far, and suggest it may be one to go on the 'Consider' list ...no, it's not been reviewed here yet, and there are only a couple of other sites out there so far that have covered it, and there's nothing yet in the photo mags ....my full review coming shortly.

A few images here, including some in the optional 1:1 format ...follow link below for more :

And here's how it looks (this image courtesy of LX3):

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