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Re: Hate to say it, Jerry...but

Barbyte wrote:

CLOSE range you can get amazing detail in bird photos. But....as you
can see...there is some of that same kind of smudgy kind of detail.
Quite passable for many people - but not for those who loved the old
H series IQ. I remember that many of my f707 photos were crystal
clear corner to corner at 100% - but then the reds and greens were
way over saturated. That really bugged me because I was a garden
writer and had to supplement my columns with those photos.

Hey Barb,

Thanks for your response. I thought so. I certainly am one of those who loved the old H series IQ.

And speaking of the 7xx series and its being crystal clear corner to corner at 100%-- can you believe it, I STILL have (and use on occasion) my 717! I am the veritable perennial optimist. Somehow, I expose a naivete with every new Sony model that perhaps we will get all that new technology mated with the old IQ. We have some really enticing and inventive technology in the HX1, and the decision will have to be made to accept the IQ compromise away from the early H-series to gain those features if the HX1 is to be added to the long list of small-sensor, superzoom digicams.

I'm just the perennially disappointed optimist. Ha!
Jerry (Gerald L. Stevens)

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