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Re: HX1 test shots_baseball_hawk nest_birds

Thanks for the effort to post the samples. Very much appreciated.

Did you happen ever to use any of the early H-series cams (H1, H2, H5)? I was curious about trying to get an idea of the resolution power of the new Sony G lens, because I have zero experience with that lens. My interest is related particularly to the early H-series cams, with which I had some experience (my dad now has my old H1). For the superzoom market, I thought those Leica-branded lenses were delivering a pretty good bang for the buck. I was hoping the HX1 might be in the same ballpark, but I still have not been able to determine the comparison.

Your shots, for example, were using a tele, so might not be a straight-on comparison. For example, were the robin shots a little smeared, IYO? Personally, I had hoped to see more detail in the fine feathers, but am not sure that is a fair critique, sitting over here on the sidelines.
Jerry (Gerald L. Stevens)

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