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Re: tap tap tap .... is this on?

Kim Letkeman wrote:

It would appear that the news of my demise was a tad premature.

Yesterday morning I received notice of my permanent ban. This
morning, I noticed that at least one entire thread was removed (the
whinging thread) ... which seemed really strange, since it was not
all that controversial.

So I checked to see if I could log on ... and it worked! My username
had been blocked since yesterday morning.

This post is the final test ... if you are reading this, then my ban
has inexplicably been lifted. I received no notice about it, but then
they never do that.

Note: I just checked, and kasjun is sitting out a temporary ban ...
so obviously the complaints caused a quick reevaluation of the
situation on Monday and a more appropriate solution was found.

So ... on the assumption that this post is going to post
successfully, I just want to thank Buckshot and Bluenoser for their
support and immediate intervention. Bill and Nionyn also ... and Ted
too of course. Perhaps Jada most of all, as she put it all on the
line to make her point. And thanks go to those who generally don't
get involved in these mixups ... but who still expressed support ...
dotbalm comes to mind.

I was actually looking forward to my retirement in a way ... all that
time recovered ... so perhaps this serves as a good reminder to
spend less time arguing with kids and a little more time talking with
adults. We'll see

Just one could hope that these forums will take a turn for a better hope gets quelched.

Title of the thread is fitting. Sad indeed.

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